Aloha from our Kaua’i hearts to yours!


“Waiting in Faith”


Coming Alive!

is our answer to your desire for clear guidance and support to drop into a deeper sense of life, purpose, connection and joy.

We come with aloha, the breath of life, friendship, and ho’omaika’i, blessings of love, to ignite your soul.

Me ke aloha pau ‘ole, best wishes without end,
Camille & Rick

PS. We already love you.


Something Good is About to Happen!

Camille and Rick are funny! It’s not what you expect from gifted intuitives, but it’s undeniable. Warm, real, fascinating and incredibly gifted, this team is privy to huge stores of information.

Camille and Rick’s gift is looking into a person’s soul, seeing their destiny, and showing them the steps to get there.

They answer your difficult questions, assisting you to be more in love with your life. Something about their very presence encourages hope; you know something good is about to happen.

Lynn Theodose, Feature Writer – Kauai Dining Art Shopping Magazine

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