What Do Camille & Rick Do?

Camille & Rick work locally and internationally, offering private sessions in person, by phone and Skype. We also offer group evening events, as well as retreats.

We specialize in spiritual clarity, living your heart’s fulfillment, relationship enhancement, artistic and entrepreneurial endeavors, as well as offering medical intuition and energy medicine for emotional balance, pain release and health enhancement.

Our sessions are life-altering. We sit with you and see behind your fear and pain, to the center of your already-healed self, and then give you the next step to help you unfold and move forward towards fulfilling your purpose and experiencing exhilaration-of-being in your everyday life.

Our wish for you is that you can heal and come to the place where you see all the gifts that have always lived side by side with your pain, and the magical tapestry woven by the threads of the events of your life, and the miracle that you are, and that this awakens you and ignites your kindness, love and compassion.

We welcome all faiths and cultures.
No barriers, no borders.


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