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“I have worked with and been friends with Camille for 20 years. Her passion for her work in unrivaled! She is full of life, clarity, love, commitment and laughter! I have been lucky enough to also be friends with her students, who are some of the most amazing people I have ever met! I highly recommend her as a teacher, a guide and a visionary channel!”

Sivan Garr, Spiritual Teacher, Mill Valley, CA

“Rick, I enjoyed a good deep and deeper feeling of being at peace… understanding surrender. I also felt you lift from me and carry off a load of old ‘scat’ – old grief I have not been able to get up, and old trauma. So I thank you and bless you and honor you for that.”

Tom L., Kilauea, HI

“I attended an evening with Rick in a friend’s home. The love that I felt emanating through Rick was truly amazing. I felt bathed in a golden light of well-being. Everyone present was touched and uplifted.”

Rachael Angelese, CMT, Owner – BodySong Massage Center, Novato, CA

“Camille has worked with me personally as a life-coach/spiritual teacher for over eight years, as well as  serving the clients of my company “Pure Kauai.” She is extremely gifted with an uncanny ability to suggest and coach people to drastically improve their lives. Her sessions are invaluable in this regard but are also fun and enjoyable. I recommend her whole heartedly to anyone who wants to become a more solid, spiritually grounded and better human being!”

Phil Jones, Owner – Pure Kaua’i, Kaua’i, Hawai’i

“I felt an immediate connection to Camille and Rick. During our session, stagnant energy felt released and balance restored. They brought to light the truth of my spiritual unfolding through being called to act on behalf of humanity. The amazing sychronicity of our lives connecting in the past ~ including peaceful protests against the Diablo Canyon nuclear power plant, and Redwood Summer to preserve old-growth redwoods ~ helped me to more deeply understand the importance of telling our stories! Thank you!

Valerie Sklarewsky, Executive Secretary/Community Activist, Malibu, CA

“My husband and I have been coming to Hawaii since 1986. It has been our peaceful escape every year, but the past four years have included health and family issues that even beautiful Kauai could not erase. This year we arrived at the Cliffs with not only our luggage, but a boatload of stress. We decided to contact Rick and Camille, whom we met six years ago. My sessions with them helped me immensely. Their skill and expertise are obvious, as they help so many people. They even gave me an exercise to take home. And also assured me that I’m only a phone call away from their loving assistance.”

Lynn Brandon, Ramona, CA

“Camille’s gathering had the resonance you feel when listening to musicians who play perfectly in tune. She hit each note masterfully, bringing everyone in the room into the symphony.”

Dr. Hiyaguha Cohen, Life Change Coach, Oahu, Hawai’i

“Camille and Rick Copeland are funny! It’s not what you expect from gifted intuitives, but it’s undeniable. Warm, real, fascinating and incredibly gifted, this team is privy to huge stores of information. Camille and Rick’s gift is looking into a person’s soul, seeing their destiny, and showing them the steps to get there. They recognize the individual dignity of each soul. They answer your difficult questions, assisting you to be more in love with your life. Something about their very presence encourages hope; you know something good is about to happen.”

Lynn Theodose, Feature Writer

– Kauai Dining Art Shopping Magazine, Kaua’i, Hawai’i

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