Sadness, Melancholy and Being of Service

Sometimes we may feel a free-floating sadness or melancholy. It may not seem to relate to something specific and present in our own life. Perhaps it is our empathic awareness of the sadness in the world. There is much sadness and pain and we cannot help but feel it. Instead of trying to reject it or dodge it so that you don’t have to feel it, you can make a conscious choice to take the opportunity to assist in the healing of the world.

Here’s what I do.
(Keep in mind that there is nothing to force – simply LET it happen. It get’s easier with practice.)
1) Allow any internal resistance to fall away,
2) Let your channels open,
3) Let yourself feel the sadness, let it physically run through your body, let it touch your heart,
4) Then say a prayer for the well-being and upliftment of humanity,
5) Release the sadness to the Divine – let it flow out of you to God.

Don’t be surprised if this process brings up feelings of sadness about something in your own life. If it does, you can use the same steps for healing yourself.

A word about release. Most of us want to release uncomfortable feelings completely – get rid of them so we never have to feel them again. My experience is that it doesn’t work that way. Feelings come and go. What we can do is to not hold on to them and not reject them. Allow them, feel the pain they may bring, shine the light of love on them, let go of our hold on them. Then we can begin to bring forgiveness and acceptance to the feelings, so they no longer control us and no longer diminish our love and presence in the world. That is release, that is freedom.

Thank you for being of service.

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