A Deeper Look

Step onto the path that will unfold your life’s purpose. Learn to trust the messages from your heart and hear the song of your soul.

Healing your internal landscape, releasing pain and fear, erasing the borders in your heart is the most powerful way to heal our planet.

It’s common to believe if you’re not moving fast in the world, you’re not getting enough done.

Slowing down and stopping to smell the plumeria is what we do well on Kauai. Slowing down doesn’t mean you’re lazy.

We bring with us a safety with a slower pace, a gentler rhythm. We help you take off your layers of anxiety. Safety with a slower pace will make you more alert, proficient, productive and precise.

We know that lasting healing must take place in an atmosphere of trust and love.

We offer friendship for a lifetime.

You will have support on this journey, there is nothing to fear. Our gifts as spiritual teachers, visionary channels, medical intuitives and years of service have trained us to see the steps to your healing and the bigger picture on your behalf. In our time together you will receive guidance precise to you. We will take you into deep healing which will result in deep happiness.

Your heart has a limitless ability to expand. Once the heart is ignited, it will never stop expanding its capacity to be love and send love.

Happiness is sustainable.

You will be given tools to assist you to flow through challenges.

Learning to connect to your breath, sit in the moment, arrive more totally in your body, expand your awareness and access a deeper wisdom.

The world needs you healed, healthy and whole. The world needs your gifts, your bigness. Bright, bold and beautiful!

It gives us great pleasure to be of service.
We look forward to spending time with you.

Ho’omaika’i ~ blessings

Camille & Rick

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